Imagining an External Authority

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Sadly, most people lack the self confidence to be their own authority.

The responsibility and burden of liability for damages created by our mistakes is just too uncomfortable.

To lessen this stress, most people look for an external authority to swear allegiance to and live their lives under.

Our collective imaginations create governments as we try to establish a safe environment for our egos.

When someone accepts an external authority, they immediately care less about the effects of their actions.

“I was just following the law” becomes a shield against liability for our mistakes.

Once agreed upon and established in society, this lever of power called government, allows a small group of people the ability to manipulate and control large groups of people.

For those with fear and greed in their heart, this power to control others is extremely attractive.


A possible solution to our economic problems

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Government is severely restricted when dealing with free people.

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Good government is a service industry. It transparently enforces justice in a society of free people. It must do this within certain very strict guidelines. 

Initiating violence is never tolerated for any reason.

Help the innocent defend themselves from tyrants, thieves and bullies.

It’s expenditures must never exceed it’s voluntary contributions. 

(Quality of service goes down quickly without this pressure to create a desirable service.)

There must always be a peaceful option out of any system offered.

Anything else is fraud. Any law passed outside of these simple guidelines is fraud and tyranny, no matter how good the intention behind it.