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Government is severely restricted when dealing with free people.

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Good government is a service industry. It transparently enforces justice in a society of free people. It must do this within certain very strict guidelines. 

Initiating violence is never tolerated for any reason.

Help the innocent defend themselves from tyrants, thieves and bullies.

It’s expenditures must never exceed it’s voluntary contributions. 

(Quality of service goes down quickly without this pressure to create a desirable service.)

There must always be a peaceful option out of any system offered.

Anything else is fraud. Any law passed outside of these simple guidelines is fraud and tyranny, no matter how good the intention behind it.


The 10 Demandments

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Passive Resistance

In American Sovereign on January 23, 2011 at 8:08 am

When the system requires your enslavement to survive.

Peacefully refusing to obey is the only force capable of unwinding the spell and saving humanity.

Using force to break it apart only compounds the problem.

Live in peace,

Act with honor to the golden rule,

Enjoy your freedom.

All my love,