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Call Missouri Governor Nixon 573-751-3222 to remind him to say no to health care insurance exchange.

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We need to call their bluff.

The Federal Government does not have the funds to set up an exchange in each state. That is why Obamacare wants the states to do it for them. Please take action today. Call Governor Nixon and tell him to toe the line. We must not relinquish or sovereign control over our own healthcare. Caring through with the Obamacare scheme gives our consent to be governed in the most personal aspects of our lives.

This is a letter I received from Campaign for Liberty.

Dear Darrel,

Last month, you answered the call to demand our governor refuse to establish a State Health Insurance Exchange, as called for in ObamaCare.

Your quick action paid off, and the governor announced our state would not comply.

But the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently extended the original deadline for submission to December 14 because some governors were still undecided on the issue.

With the amount of severe arm-twisting that goes on in politics, it is imperative we remind the governor to hold the line by continuing to say “NO!” to ObamaCare.

ObamaCare calls for a federal government-controlled online insurance “marketplace” to run mandated health insurance. That is how they can impose the “one-size-fits-all,” monopoly government-run health care system. By getting each state to implement the exchange, the federal government can implement the individual mandate to purchase insurance.

States refusing to set up their own exchange can opt for a Federal/State Partnership, and if they refuse that, HHS will set up and run a Federal Exchange in their state.

Some politicians have made claims like, “Our state has to implement this, or the federal government will impose one on us anyway.” This is a typical half-truth the liberal media lets their favorite politicians get away with.

You see, establishing a State or Federal/State Partnership Health Insurance Exchange forces the states to submit to federal regulations and they lose state sovereignty over all health care issues. The law stipulates:

“An Exchange may not establish rules that conflict with or prevent the application of regulations promulgated by the Secretary [of Health and Human Services (HHS)].”

ObamaCare provided for a limited amount of bribe money to be offered to the states to set up their exchanges, but once that money has fully dried up, the state will assume all expenses for running it.

In short, states that establish an exchange submissively relinquish sovereignty and add tens of millions of dollars a year to the state budget.

A Federal/State Partnership Exchange merely allows for the state to begin funding the exchange further down the road.

If our state refuses to go along with this scheme, the federal government can’t restrict our health care choices.

Think of it this way: if you want to get a message to someone right now, you can choose between email, social media, FedEx, UPS, or the Post Office. But with “ObamaMessage,” you would only get the Post Office. And worse yet, you would be required to pay for it whether you want it or not.

Call Governor Nixon at 573-751-3222 right away to demand he hold the line and continue to refuse to partner with the President in the takeover of your health care!

It is the governor’s responsibility under the Tenth Amendment to stand up to federal overreach and protect the citizens of our state.

Tell the governor you expect nothing less!

In Liberty,

Deb Wells
Interim State Coordinator
Missouri Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The December 14 ObamaCare Exchange deadline is quickly approaching! Call Governor Nixon at 573-751-3222 right away to demand he hold the line and continue to refuse to partner with the President in the takeover of your health care!


Welfare Spending at Popular Vacation Destinations – Missouri Senator Luann Ridgeway

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Watching Out For Your Tax Dollars:
Welfare Spending at Popular Vacation Destinations

How many times have you been in line at the grocery store counting pennies to pay for imitation hamburger and off-brand pasta, only to see the person in front of you unload a cart full of steaks and then whip out a welfare EBT card to pay for it? It happens to me and I bet it happens to you as well. The program that provides for your hard earned money to be spent in this fashion by people as able-bodied as are you and I is called TANF, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. If you get upset watching someone buy groceries with your money, hang on because you are about to get boiling mad.

Because welfare benefits are now delivered with a plastic debit card, where and when these benefits are spent is easily tracked. Chris Nagus, a St. Louis television reporter requested these records from the Missouri Department of Social Services (click here for a link to the DSS data). What he found is unbelievable. Keep in mind, this is just one month of spending.

Since most of Missouri’s population lives near a state line, it is not unusual for some benefits to be spent in adjoining states. However, some states were further away, much further away and not even connected to the mainland.

Over the course of one month, in Florida, Missouri welfare recipients spent $84,061 on food and withdrew $9,737 in cash from ATMs. In California, the month’s totals were $69,672 for food and $7,818 in cash. In the biggest insult to taxpayers, during one month welfare recipients spent $2,737 for food and withdrew $175…in HAWAII!

I am sure many hard working Missourians would love to take their families on a vacation to Florida, California, or Hawaii. However, it now appears they cannot since they are busy working to pay for someone else to go who isn’t working. Personally, I would like to see any transaction that takes place more than one state away red flagged for inquiry. If there is not a valid reason for the person to be there, benefits should be terminated.  The assistance is intended for needy families to survive, not for freeloaders to travel on someone else’s dime.

There was a time when being on public assistance came with a stigma. Now the government goes out of its way to sign up more people. Where public welfare used to be a measure of last resort, it is now considered normal since that is what their parents did and what so many of their friends continue to do. Young unmarried women have actually been heard saying they want to have their baby before marriage as then the birth and maternal after-care will be “free”.

Maybe this discovery will serve as a wakeup call that the program is out of control and must be reformed. Despite what the liberals will tell you, personal responsibility and charity are pretty good things, for everyone.

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I spoke with a staff member of Congressman Graves’ about HR -67 the extension of the Patriot Act this morning.
He was waffling and said there is good and bad in the legislation and Mr. Graves has not decided on the issue.

Please help me convince him to vote no on this affront to American liberties by calling him at (202) 225-7041

It has been rumored that he is thinking of running for Senate in 2012. I think now is a good time to let him know what we expect out of him.

Dr Drumright

Missouri Leadership Project

In Missouri politics on October 21, 2010 at 11:17 am
We have a potential problem in Missouri.  We are sure to elect a number of patriots to the legislature this November.  However, if the leadership of the senate is not on board a single person can stop all of efforts to restore our state to it’s proper sovereign position within the federal system.
We are asking you to sign the petition http://www.MoLeadershipProject.com and let others know, too. If possible, see if your group will add your logo to the coalition page, which is as important as the individual signatures. I have attached a memo that explains more. See also http://www.missourirecord.com/news/index.asp?article=10191 Thanks for your support. This is important for getting conservative legislation through after Jan 2011: Mo Jobs and Prosperity Act, MO Sovereignty Act, follow on to Health Care Freedom Act, and more…we need a leader as President Pro Tem of the Missouri State Senate who will support the will of the people of Missouri.

I appose Missouri Prop B. There are good laws already on the books.

In Missouri politics on October 18, 2010 at 9:24 am
October 11, 2010
Prop B…..It’s about jobs stupid!
An El Paso Petland Franchisee that has been forced out of business by being harassed and falsely accused of selling puppies that, according to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), were bred in inhumane conditions. HSUS also aggressively pressured and succeeded in getting the El Paso City Counsel to adopt a ban on the sale of dogs under one-year old. 

HSUS, and its radical animal rights cronies have used these tactics and made this claim against Petland all over the United States.  HSUS has actually tried to sue Petland in multiple attempts including one as recently as early 2010, but has failed to present enough actual evidence to get a court of law to consider hearing a lawsuit against Petland.

Why is that important?  Well, here in Missouri we are considering Proposition B in three weeks which is another example of HSUS falsely defaming and demonizing legitimate, well run businesses with the intent of unfairly forcing them out of business. Missouri’s highly regarded dog breeders that produce award winning dogs that end up being enjoyed by families all over the world.

While the Petland store’s closing mentioned above will cost El Paso 25-30 real jobs, here in Missouri we have approximately 1,400 licensed breeders that employ approximately 4,000 to 5,000 Missourians.  Couple that with all the related businesses like veterinarians, pet product retailers, pet product manufacturers, insurance agents, accountants, etc. and you are talking somewhere over 100,000 jobs that are directly related to businesses run by Missouri breeders and are at risk if Proposition B passes.  These numbers are real jobs held by your friends, relatives and neighbors.

So while HSUS runs false inflammatory TV and radio ads to attempt to demonize and crush legitimate Missouri businesses owned by your neighbors and your friends, while never mentioning that the proposed referendum will do nothing to stop or punish those that break our current laws, just remember that this is really about killing jobs … maybe yours.

Vote NO on Prop B and save Missouri jobs!

Contact: Mindy Patterson

Phone: 314-853-8193
email: mindy@thealliancefortruth.com