I have been asked by several close friends to publish the information I have found to be useful in my pursuit of freedom in America.  I will include references to the US congressional record and a lot of alternative history.  You see, what your public education taught you about the first half of the 20th century was lacking, to be polite.  Please do not take my word for it, do your own due diligence.   For the hallmark of a free man is the courage to be responsible for his own beliefs.

  1. So true Dr. D.

    God bless your pursuit and regard for freedom.

    This is one and only quest for a true human being.

  2. Im trying to become a free man for more the one reason,but the most important reason because they thier trying to lock me up for a year and a / for driving ;( can i really challengethe courts juridiction over me?

  3. i was once blind, but now i see.

  4. I am also in charge of my own safety. Eight Judges,PLUS have recused themselves voluntarily since I was charged and found guilty of knowing
    my undesirable attitude would start the ball rolling. CIVIL AND CRIMINAL CONTEMPT OF their COURT AND I HAVE reaped the benefits of their POWER. A PLEA BARGAIN (by them). I do not want to brag, I want to engage a friends ear (do you mind?).

    David Getman dba Nancy and David Getman 455-52-8148 is my true Identity, trademark

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