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Umpire or Empire, what’s in your government?

In American Sovereign on July 28, 2010 at 10:21 am

The American experiment was under attack from the moment the Declaration of Independence was written.

Our forefathers charted a different course for us.

In America you are innocent until proven guilty.

In America the people are each sovereign without subjects.

In America, as sovereigns the people hire representatives to participate in an impartial government structured around the original Constitution.

In America, we do not have royalty or any other class distinction.  Lawyers and judges are not a superior class.

In America, our hired representatives at all levels must operate in a transparent fish tank while in the sworn service to our country.

In America, any activities by our hired neutral impartial government that creates a conflict of interest, such as ownership of industry, energy, or banking, waive standing as referee in any dispute that may arise from these activities.

Any dispute a sovereign American may have with the government currently in power needs to be brought before an independent and impartial third party.  If  the courts and judges are financed by a participant in the suite, then the court ruling hold no merit due to conflict of interest.