Are you a peasant?

In American Sovereign on April 17, 2013 at 7:54 am

To all my friends that are afraid of free people arming themselves in defense from tyranny. Throughout the history of man governments have been created by the ruling elite class to better manage and protect their property from each other. (the peasantry)

If you think government is needed to protect you from corporate greed, please help me understand your position by answering a couple of questions for me.  Thank you for your time, please respect each other.  Personal attacks or threats of violence will be deleted.

Why does the US Federal “government” protect Monsanto from judicial oversight as we watch it pay farmers with tax dollars to spray Roundup on the land, so that the only plants that can grow are GMO crops?

Why does the US Federal “government” claim the right to kill you without trial if it feels threatened?

Why does the “government” continue to violently enforce the prohibition of beneficial plants such as Marijuana? 

I agree, society needs some institutes to protect the innocent and liberty of the people, but the people must retain the power to peacefully opt out of any “government” they know to be corrupt and working for foreign interests, and corporations are not people, so should always be considered as foreign interests.

  1. Awesome point.

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