Which category do you fit in?

In American Sovereign on March 4, 2011 at 7:56 am

I see four categories of people living in America today.

  1. There is a large population of people that are in their third generation of living directly off the government. They teach their children how to stand in line and fill out forms and vote for the right people to keep the gravy train rolling.
  2. There are a few people in America garnering great fortunes with special noncompetitive state contracts to dish out the handouts, build the jails and such who’s lifstyle would suffer greatly if the gravy train stopped.
  3. There are many who work to manage the dispersal of state funds. Accountants, lawyers, clerks, and such that would need to find more productive work if the gravy train stopped.
  4. Then there is a shrinking number of people in America trying to live creative and product lives in a very hostile environment where everyone wants to take what they make even before they make it!

Which one are you?

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