A conversation between sovereigns

In American Sovereign on February 8, 2011 at 10:41 am

These are some excellent posts I read on a friends facebook page.  I think you will enjoy this discussion.

If you don;t believe that you are a slave living in a fascist dictatorship , American, Canadian, UK or most places really try saying no to a cop when he asks you for papers .

….. several entries are skipped here.

Sol Fir

I always despise talk of karma and other spiritual matters. It all means NOTHING to a gun in your face. Try to karma your way around being put into a concentration camp by stormtroopers and you’ll wake up to reality. Reality presents itself of ALL levels, including the hell like world of form which we currently are trapped in. Life is a prison, death a release (thanks to the body). You have a job here, to stand up and do what’s right, so you must do it. Also, I would like to know the fairy tale land that allows one to be “done” with the monetary system where money means nothing, because from my vast experience and my vast experience with the choices of others to leave the system, the system will ALWAYS come to force you back into the system again, one way or another with gun toting murderers. Who is paying your property tax? How did you avoid paying a property tax? So then where will you grow your food that you must eat to survive when the stormtroopers come to collect? Do you see my point? So then it comes back to Mika’s extremely simple straightforward truth. And the only way out is the group getting with it and doing as he explained (which they never do), or the few (who are the only ones that get anything done, ever) having to rise up and bear the responsibility that everyone else “dropped the ball” on…


Becca Ward

Here, in Ireland, if you dont have ID- you’re arrested, and if your car isnt fully legal, they take it off you.. There are ‘stopchecks’ all over( even on back roads).. Its become ‘zero tolerance’.. I cant afford to drive at the moment & i aint risking having my car took off me, while I’m out with my kids (AGAIN!).. As well as the court fines,i cant afford to pay E180’s day to get my car out the pound.. It never used to be like this, but the country is ‘broke’,- its easy money for the government :/


Richard David Dellerman

and Ireland was in the head top prosperous economical countries a few years ago I thought . Why are all countries now being put as in some police controlled compound or being treated so harshly? Why are our grown children in the Police Force being so evil to their own people? What has the parents done to have such evil children now?

answer: They were bourgeoisified while growing up by the schools they attended. The government’s politicians are criminals that must be jailed for their crimes !


Wearechange Norwich get them under oath, to uphold the law without fear or favour malice or ill will, and record it, they’re human but don’t always remember


Sol Fir

The real problem being the change that has taken place since the civil war. And it has gone completely out of control today. Police were originally a military garrison to keep the south in line in the beginning. Cops never existed in America, or even in Europe (until 1837) for that matter until the banking powers took over after the civil war (the north was funded by the world banking cartels, hence why they were able to outfit their men better than the far wealthier southern forces) – cops are for revenue and property collections – hence the name “cop” – to steal or take… It is an outdated concept to have a “domestic military” (go look up the legal definition of police) garrison in the streets. Naturally it means we are still under a foreign military occupation by foreign private banks (such as the federal reserve) here in America…


David Lucas

I’ve done it twice. They do not like it at all but I simply told them I do not “consent” to their investigation AND asked..?
Are-you-arresting-me-or-charging me-with -a-crime?
When he said no, then I said…”Well, I am a Sovereign natural born American NOT a commercial citizen under corporate policy and have no business with you.
He said he just wanted to know what I was doing?
I said, NOT participating in your investigation 😉
But good luck finding someone who IS committing a crime.
I also reminded him he is hired to defend MY right to be free under the Constitution or is this Nazi Germany?
Amazing how when you put things in perspective, they suddenly “see” have to make a choice to BE American or be the tyrant.
Just gotta flip it back around on them, by showing you KNOW your own worth and authority. You do this by KNOWING the LAW & Ignoring the policy.
You are what they eat IF you find yourself being a sheep 😉
Wolves don’t eat other wolves -or- people who are not scared of them


Sol Fir Well, the interesting part is that police are NOT constitutional. WE the PEOPLE are the executive branch as layed out under the constitution. Something that the current gov’t naturally wants kept quiet. Police only came in after the civil war, and only because the banks took control of the country or what then came to be called the “union” more commonly.


David Lucas

Yes, the people ARE the LAW and it is we, who are or what the law is in effect for. And all servants must be respectful of the law, they just need to be reminded WHAT that actually is..lol, YOU.
As people under the Constitution, most of the older cops (as was my case/incident) still know that they either defend the law and our rights -or- they have no real jurisdiction.

Once they know, that you know the law…they cannot assume anymore.
Until you declare your standing, they as commercial pirates…uh..I mean policy enforcers…uh, cops can assume that your a commercial person under policy statute law (DeFacto- color of law)
Once you declare your standing then they become either peace officers -or- a Security guard of some private corporate interest. Depending on their OWN response to YOUR authority.
The represent “something” which THEY have to define, by words and law. Else they are just a person themselves in a uniform/costume.
An actor…which “I” have the right to assume of them, until THEY prove their otherwise.


David Lucas

‎@ Thomas-Yes. Aren’t all things spawned by the committees of men this way 😉 But at least America’s Constitution made the people on Superior lawful personal footing than the government, as a group, put in place for the people.
We’re just not using it. The government said, “Let us have YOUR power.” The people said ,”Ok.”

Let us have your gold-ok. Register your kids-ok, pay us to be licensed to drive-ok, pay taxes-ok, pay more taxes-ok, give us title to your kids, your land, your cars, your businesses….laughs….eventually we will say no.

The south has risen…again, finally. Well I for one have 😉


Homier Pip Doh

cause I understand how energy fluctuates and that life is a matter of choice! but @ sol you can obey the rulers if you want. I Quit! and can do so much good in the world now they don’t fill my thoughts all the time! Scared? You are the one talking about ooooh guns and oooh they are so mean and bad… well im not scared. I do what i believe in and with concern of others and then my self. It’s called a purpose! I dont hope somebody is gonna save me, nor god, nor people nor earth. I believe im a being that can make a difference and have no regrets loosing my body in the process! Welcome to a man you cannot manipulate! Cause my life is my teacher not what others say… especially not the simplistic system of money haha!


David Lucas

‎@ Sol…The East India Trading Company-a.k.a. “British rule” has always been pirates, liars and thieves. America, once back under this rule, now does the same thing.

Bullies always lie, always make deals, always use aggression & support it with pay-offs. ( Immunity, power, money, vice of some kind, etc)
Bullies never want you to appeal to the teacher (LAW) because that exposes their “real” motives.
Bullies “always” lie, when questioned.
Bullies always come back with retribution later.
Bullies always think they are above the law.
Bullies always want what you have, will take it by force until YOU stop them…and you do that with “law” or “force”.

I for one…use both. Funny how a gun and knowledge of my 2nd amendment right to carry “despite any unlawful statute to the contrary-applying ONLY to Federal commercial persons and/or contract citizens of Washington D.C.”, will cause other men to “respect” your right to American Sovereignty and self determination.

Now force is not needed except to use against those who would try to take THAT right. That is what the 2nd is for. Not hunting…protection against all enemies foreign AND domestic. Including government. That is WHY they wrote the 2nd to begin with.

I prefer peace….it exists because of men who hold and honour the truth for themselves and others despite man’s best effort to dazzle you with legal B.S. that does not apply unless YOU consent.

Like the joke about a guy getting pulled over by a cop.
The cop sees his rifle in the seat and asks if he has any other weapons. The guy says ,”Yeah, a hand gun in the glove box, a .22 in the door panel and an Ak-47 in the trunk.
The cop says ,”That is quite a lot of guns, what are you afraid of?
The guy answers:” Absolutely nothing.”

The right is to “bear” arms not just possess them.



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