Don’t divide into factions

In American Sovereign on February 3, 2011 at 8:27 am

You are going to see a strong increase in propaganda to get us to split into factions and fight each other. America is the land of the free. We do not have leaders, we have representatives.

We respect each living humans right to say no.  We work from the difficult position that all men were created equal and free and must be considered innocent until PROVEN guilty.

All laws apply to everyone equally. If a modern “law” does not apply to everyone then it is really a commercial contract and only applies to those who willing sign up for it.

We have not been a free Republic since Woodrow Wilson gave the keys to the treasury to a private cartel of banks called the Federal Reserve in 1913.

We will not be free again until we restore the honor of printing the people’s money to a transparent congress. We the people are sovereign around here and need to remember that.

We can do this folks!

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