7 simple steps to restore America

In American Sovereign on January 26, 2011 at 10:25 am

Mr. President, if you are serious about wanting to control government spending and doing the right thing – let’s start with this:

  • Discontinue all programs that do not fall under the powers of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution – Start with department of Education and Department of Energy and return them to the states
  • Cut the personal income tax from federal law and institute a national consumption tax and leave the money with the people that earned it.
  • Remove all American military troops stationed overseas. We can defend and spot on the face of the earth, with pinpoint accuracy, from our war planes, ships, land based missile.  We do not need a physical presence there.
  • Take those returned troops and place them on the border. 90% of all illegal traffic across the border would cease overnight.  Your job is to protect our borders – now would be a good time to start.
  • Phase out Social Security and return that to the rightful party – the individual. Cut off all Social Security withholding from paychecks for anyone above the poverty line and then only on a volunteer basis.  Create an actual fund that Congress cannot touch to cover these payments.  Within a generation the Social Security deficit would be solved.
  • Repeal all unconstitutional laws and return control over those items to the states where they rightfully belong – starting with the massive expansion of the interstate commerce clause and intrastate firearms manufacture and sales.
  • Move the government back toward a policy of sound money and return the responsibility of that currency to Congress by repealing the Federal Reserve Act.

In short Mr. President stop what you are doing and return our Republic back to the sound principles upon which it was founded.

For the Reality Report, I’m Gary Franchi.



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