American Leadership in the 21st Century

In American Sovereign on January 1, 2011 at 4:49 pm

Leadership is a funny thing in a society of free people.  As each self determined individual learns to bear the responsibility of their own life, they begin to act with honor and dignity in all the things they do.

When an individual gives up the sovereign right of refusal, two things will soon happen to him. (Neither of them good.)

First, it empowers small groups of people with the product of lots of people’s unique individual efforts.  In other words, the individual no longer owns his/her own time and talent or anything that come from it.  Even if this sound like a good idea at first, the more concentrated this ultimate power over people that think they cannot refuse gets, the more likely it will be corrupted and used for purposes that are not in the people’s best interests.


Second, it leads people to adopt the mistaken belief that since you were just following orders, you bear no responsibility for the results of your actions and inactions.  This is the evil in our midst.  ALL people in a free society must be held personally responsible and fully liable for the outcome of their decisions.  This is without exception or the society will fail and tyranny will reign again.

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