Missouri Leadership Project

In Missouri politics on October 21, 2010 at 11:17 am
We have a potential problem in Missouri.  We are sure to elect a number of patriots to the legislature this November.  However, if the leadership of the senate is not on board a single person can stop all of efforts to restore our state to it’s proper sovereign position within the federal system.
We are asking you to sign the petition http://www.MoLeadershipProject.com and let others know, too. If possible, see if your group will add your logo to the coalition page, which is as important as the individual signatures. I have attached a memo that explains more. See also http://www.missourirecord.com/news/index.asp?article=10191 Thanks for your support. This is important for getting conservative legislation through after Jan 2011: Mo Jobs and Prosperity Act, MO Sovereignty Act, follow on to Health Care Freedom Act, and more…we need a leader as President Pro Tem of the Missouri State Senate who will support the will of the people of Missouri.

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