I appose Missouri Prop B. There are good laws already on the books.

In Missouri politics on October 18, 2010 at 9:24 am
October 11, 2010
Prop B…..It’s about jobs stupid!
An El Paso Petland Franchisee that has been forced out of business by being harassed and falsely accused of selling puppies that, according to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), were bred in inhumane conditions. HSUS also aggressively pressured and succeeded in getting the El Paso City Counsel to adopt a ban on the sale of dogs under one-year old. 

HSUS, and its radical animal rights cronies have used these tactics and made this claim against Petland all over the United States.  HSUS has actually tried to sue Petland in multiple attempts including one as recently as early 2010, but has failed to present enough actual evidence to get a court of law to consider hearing a lawsuit against Petland.

Why is that important?  Well, here in Missouri we are considering Proposition B in three weeks which is another example of HSUS falsely defaming and demonizing legitimate, well run businesses with the intent of unfairly forcing them out of business. Missouri’s highly regarded dog breeders that produce award winning dogs that end up being enjoyed by families all over the world.

While the Petland store’s closing mentioned above will cost El Paso 25-30 real jobs, here in Missouri we have approximately 1,400 licensed breeders that employ approximately 4,000 to 5,000 Missourians.  Couple that with all the related businesses like veterinarians, pet product retailers, pet product manufacturers, insurance agents, accountants, etc. and you are talking somewhere over 100,000 jobs that are directly related to businesses run by Missouri breeders and are at risk if Proposition B passes.  These numbers are real jobs held by your friends, relatives and neighbors.

So while HSUS runs false inflammatory TV and radio ads to attempt to demonize and crush legitimate Missouri businesses owned by your neighbors and your friends, while never mentioning that the proposed referendum will do nothing to stop or punish those that break our current laws, just remember that this is really about killing jobs … maybe yours.

Vote NO on Prop B and save Missouri jobs!

Contact: Mindy Patterson

Phone: 314-853-8193
email: mindy@thealliancefortruth.com

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